January 14, 2013

My new BFF

For quite some time I have had an Olfa 17" rotating cutting mat 
on my Want list but couldn't justify putting it on my Need list due to the cost.  Shortly after Christmas I was looking at Joann's web site and noticed this mat on sale AND I had a code for free shipping.  Well let me tell you, I had that sucker ordered in a flash. 
Fast forward to today.....I was cutting fabric for a charity quilt I'm making and I quickly realized this mat was worth every penny, it made cutting the pieces so much easier.  This is why I have a new BFF.


  1. Its great, isn't it? I got mine with the coupon at Joannes too. Everyone should get one!

  2. I have to admit if you are cutting dresdens this is a gret tool I just got one for specifically for this hop lol


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