January 24, 2013

Count Your Blessings.

Today is support your LQS day, I wish I could support my LQS. Here's the story.....

The owners and employees of the quilt shop nearest my home, southeast of Charlotte, NC, are not full of Southern charm.  I have been in the store many times and each time I feel invisible.  There is no greeting when I walk in the door and no "thank you" after I purchase something.  The final straw was a few weeks ago, I decided I would give them one more chance, when I walked in the door the owner and one of the employees were in a tiff about something.  I browsed the fabric and notions and once again I felt invisible so I left vowing never to cross the threshold of the store again.  I would have sent them an email explaining my experience but their web site doesn't have a way to contact them except by phone so I sucked it up until today and am writing this post.

My husband and I were in a retail business for many years and we always greeted the person walking in the door with a "hello", no matter how busy we were, and a "have a nice day" and "thank you" when they were leaving even if they didn't purchase anything.

What I have decided to do is either order fabric online or wait until I need a lot of fabric and head to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC where the employees are happy to greet their customers and help them in any way they can.

Those of you who have a LQS who values you business, count your blessings.


  1. I have had the same experience and refused to return to a LQS. The person who owned the shop was the person whom I had difficulty with. She is a published designer and I asked a question and she treated me like I was the rug you walk on. But a person in her click came in and I was ignored. I made a purchase but have not set foot back in the sore. I sold fabric for 18 years and never treated anyone like I was treated. I feel you pain. Chris

  2. Me too! The LQS in Chapel Hill is the same way! I shop at Joanns or Hancocks. But i am planning my very first trip to Mary Jo's next month. Such a shame.

  3. What a bummer!!! I am with you though...I never leave my money in a quilt shop, restaurant or business unless it has good juju! We are blessed here with many wonderful shops and shop owners but I also have had great experiences online.

  4. Good Customer Service is a must if your business is to survive.....I know how it feels to be "invisible" in those "high end" quilt shops but I have also gone into some where I have been treated like royalty.....what a difference!

  5. It's too bad they don't have Yelp in your area. Before my husband and I go to a new restaurant, we read the Yelp reviews. If the owners of this LQS knew they were a "turn-off" maybe they'd change their tune. I'm sure their business needs more than just their "favorites" to be financially successful. I know there are businesses like that as I have visited a few and it puzzles me how they stay in business. I have been on 2 shop hops within the last year and encountered only two "bad apples" which isn't a bad ratio, and fortunately our feedback on the Shop Hop will hopefully improve their customer service. It is so much easier to be nice. I helped out a friend who owned a quilt shop when she anticipated crowds even though she was always very gracious and welcoming, it's important to have enough staff for Shop Hops.


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