August 4, 2012

I don't know

I received an email from my sister Anne asking what I've been up to and I said to myself "Ahhhhh, what HAVE you been up to?"   Even though I stay "busy" all day I couldn't put my finger on one thing I could answer her back with.
A few of the thing I thought about were -
  • With my son, Peter, getting married on August 17th I have been working on a project for he and his bride to be, Jean. Picture to come after the wedding.
  • Of course as the "Mother of the Groom" I have to have the perfect dress, shoes, purse, etc., etc., etc., and that takes lots of shopping - oh darn.
  • We have also had out of town guests in the past couple of weeks, which has been fun.
  • I've been doing a bit of sewing - The local quilt store, in New Mexico, I frequented had the cutest mini quilt hanging entitled "Mini Cats Galore". Before the store went out of business I purchased the pattern and decided to start it while I'm listening to the Olympics.
The pattern is paper pieced from the top, which is unusual, and it has been fun to watch the cats come "alive".

There are 16 total cats in the pattern and I'm half way there.  The pattern has  made good use of my scraps.

This weekend is going to be spent getting ready to head out of town on Monday, more to come next week on that adventure.

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  1. Ahhh... So that's what you've been up to! : )

    You know, as much as I've always believed my siblings and I are all different in our interests, our cores are so alike. Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone. ;)

    Can't wait to see Peter and Jean's gift. Bet it's amazing. And love mini cats. Aside from swimming and diving, I 'watch' the Olympics with iPhone and earbuds tuned to NBC Live. Again, that rolling stone...

    Can't wait to see the perfect attire on Eileen at the wedding. She always seems to find it. ;)


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