July 15, 2012


I am in desperate need of suggestions.
I want to make this 12.5 inch block  into an 18 inch pillow but I can't figure out a color(s) to use to frame it.  I do know I don't want red, green or gold.  "Then why did you use those colors" one may ask, my answer is "because I had them in my stash".  
I would like to share my blogger friend Anna's blog, Woolie Mammoth, with you.  Anna lives in the quilt mecca of Oregon and attended the Sisters Qutdoor Quilt Show yesterday, her photos are fabulous.  I was lucky enough to attend the Sisters show in 2004 and would love to attend again some year, there are not enough adjectives to describe the experience.


  1. How about adding the same white on each side and appliqué some more leaves and flowers? That would look nice I think. I love Anna's blog...she is quite entertaining and motivating!

  2. hummm, let me think...since the green, red and gold are out...and wool may not look as good...I might add an additional white boarder and trapunto a quilt design of leaves around the whole thing! Thank you so much for announcing my blog! It is nice to know someone out there is reading my ramblings! lol Today I am catching up on my blog reading!


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