March 22, 2013


"Officially" spring has sprung but it didn't seem like it at my house this morning, I woke up to a temperature of 23 degrees, brrrrrrr.
Since I think my life currently isn't very exciting I haven't written anything in about a month.  I know "people should have such problems".
I haven't been eating bon bons and watching soap operas, I have managed to keep somewhat busy.

I made a few dresses for little girls in Uganda.  The dress is easy to make and uses just a yard of fabric.
I painted the fireplace surround, what a difference a different color makes. 
I'm still working on the photos, I felt I needed a break from that chore though.
I suppose my main emphasis currently is completing another counted cross stitch project I started years ago.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm working on the backstitch, lots and lots of backstitch.


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