February 12, 2013

Warm up PLEASE!

This is the winter that seems to go on and on and I want it to go away so I can have "my" table back.  This is what's going on......Jack has a project going on in the garage that he needed "my" table for, the folding table I use to pin my quilts on.  The garage is too cold for him to work in right now so I'm stuck with 3 quilt tops starring at me daily.  I know, I know, I could buy another table but I keep thinking in a few more weeks I will have "my" table back.  When the time comes I will have something to show off....I hope.

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  1. That's nice ides i guess you will get back your table. I have few quilt. I use them winter when i feel cold. Those are really warm. http://www.freelovethings.com


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