December 30, 2012

Sewing Day Part Deux

In my December 20th post I talked about my granddaughters coming over for a sewing day.  On Christmas, when we talked about how much fun we were going have sewing, both asked "Can we (you) monogram the pillowcases?".  "Oh sure!" I said, not wanting to deny my granddaughters, but thinking "I thought this was going to a no brainer, guess not".  

Yesterday the day finally arrived.

When their parents brought them over they were all excited to get started.  We hopped into my car and headed to Hobby Lobby and picked out the perfect fabric.  The only advice I gave the girls was on the type of fabric they should use for their pillow cases.  It was a good thing they were spending the night so we could design their monograms, get them stitched out in the evening then watch Wipeout while eating popcorn.

Thinking they would get up early, I was up early and had breakfast ready to be served around 7:30....after all we had a full day of sewing ahead.  Around 9:00 here they time I will plan to eat later in the morning.

Around 10:00 the sewing machines started to whirl and by 12:00 the pillowcases were complete.

Not only did the pillowcases get monogrammed my oldest granddaughter wanted a sweater and a sweatshirt monogrammed. Since I had never monogrammed a sweater I told her I had better pass on it but I would be happy to do the sweatshirt.  She picked the monogram and the placement. 

While we were busy working on the sweatshirt my youngest granddaughter decided I needed a sign for my sewing studio so she designed one for me.  It's a long story how I got the name "Oh No".


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