December 1, 2012

New mode of transportation

I am part of the age group that grew up riding a Schwinn bike.  Mine was a 1 speed (me) and "previously owned" when I received it for my 7th birthday.  I rode that bike until the wheels fell off.  I've had a few bikes since, a road bike, mountain bike even had a bike that folded up.  I haven't ridden for 5 years and have missed it, there's something about the wind blowing in my face that I missed.  A couple of weeks ago I started looking online at bikes, decided on a Schwinn and the hunt was on.  Jack and I went to a bike shop close to our home.  I was asked a few questions about what kind of bike I was looking for and gentleman said "I have just the bike for you!  It has 3 speeds!!!!!"  I almost started laughing but nicely said I was looking for something with more gears. Needless to say I did more searching for bike stores and inventory and found this Schwinn with 21 speeds....more my style.  I have to admit I don't miss the hunched over position of the road bike nor the hard ride of the mountain bike, comfort is my style now.

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  1. love the color! you are going to have so much fun...and look at the sunshine in the photo! I have a wonderful 3 speed pearly white cruiser embellished with roses...My Rosie!


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