August 20, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Last Friday evening, August 17th, my son, Peter, was married to his beautiful bride, Jean.  The ceremony was held in City Park in Denver.  
In my August 4th post I mentioned a project I was working on for Peter and Jean and now I can finally post a picture of it.
I cropped out the last protect their privacy.


  1. What an absolutely beautiful couple! Love her dress...very classy! Very nice gift you made them,,,the will cherish it I am sure!!

  2. Eileen: Peter and his bride looked beautiful and you finally have
    a daughter-in-law. Know you enjoyed everything.


  3. It was a great weekend...we are so happy for both of them.

    Love your gift...BEAUTIFUL!!!

    After the PGA and the wedding, you deserve a nice period of rest and relaxation.

    love, laurie

  4. Beautiful! Nice job, Eileen.


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