April 23, 2012

Southwest meet Southeast

While living in New Mexico we took a trip to Madrid, NM, a cute, fun, artsy community south of Santa Fe.  While in Madrid I was on the lookout for something colorful for the front of our house. Our plain Jane gray house very much needed some color near the front door. I had painted the area around the door a vibrant blue but that still didn't satisfy my need for more color.  While in Madrid I found a colorful Talavera ceramic sun that I knew would add the much needed color I was looking for.  When we moved to North Carolina the sun came with us of course.  
There is a workshop on our property with a "plain Jane" gray wall that faces the backyard, "the perfect place for my sun" I decided.  Well, the sun hung by it's lonesome for a month or so when I got the brilliant idea to put a trellis on either side of it.  Does one think I could find a trellis I liked enough to buy two of, well NO!   Off to the local home improvement store for lumber, screws, glue and stain and voila I have two trellis'.  Thank you Jack for your labor of love.
Where does the "Southwest meet Southeast" title come in?  The sun is from the Southwest, vines we planted are called "Confederate Jasmine"- get it?


  1. Lovely! If you have never had Confederate Jasmine, you're in for a treat! The fragrance is heavenly!

  2. Now why didn't I think of that? I've been looking for a trellis I could like for three summers now for my own jasmine and haven't found one yet! But, YOU have Confederate Jasmine! I want some! Do you think it would grow here in ugly Omaha? Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Niece, Christine


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