April 2, 2012

No Way

The temperature here in the Charlotte area has been unseasonably warm, so I've been told, and I don't mind.  Today it's in the upper 80's but I am NOT going to turn on the air conditioner - NO WAY!!!!  
As I walk the dog in the evening it seems all I hear are air conditioners running and I see dollar signs floating in the air headed to Duke Energy.  I just heard on the news there's a cold spell coming and it will be in the 50's later this week.  I guess Duke Energy will just have to wait a while longer before my air conditioning dollars start floating their way.


  1. I refuse ti give in as well...i'm loving this weather. 50's next week? Oh no, we're gonna freeze!

    1. Yes Jo, it will feel like we're freezing.

  2. more money for fabric!


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