March 12, 2012

Saving my pennies

Back in the days before DH and I started traveling "full time" I had a nice sewing cabinet to house my Bernina 1250 and serger.  When we sold the house in South Carolina my daughter became the proud owner of my sewing goodies.  "What?!?" you might say, "you gave your Bernina away?".  Yes, because DH bought me an all in one embroidery machine and I didn't have room in the motorhome for 2 sewing machines.  Anyway, now that I have a larger space to sew and be creative I also have room for a new sewing cabinet.  I think I could handle one like this, it's a Horn, but I could also do with a Koala, or a Roberts.  Does anyone out there have a preference?


  1. I would love a sewing dream cabinet would hold two Janome and my table top mid arm quilting machine. My setup right now is a bit awkward for both machines so I too am saving my pennies for a better setup!


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