March 16, 2012

Love of Aprons

The cover story in yesterday's Charlotte Observer Style section was an article about aprons.  I have been a fan of aprons "forever".  I would imagine my children still picture me - when in the kitchen cooking - with an apron on.
For years our friends, Steve and Nancy, would fly to wherever we were and would travel with us in our motorhome.  Our yearly adventure seemed to have a theme relating to the area we were traveling.  I would have a welcoming gift for Nancy, keeping the theme in mind. One year we were traveling in Montana and I decided Nancy's gift was going to be an apron because I determined she needed one like I had just made.  I found the cutest western fabric in Dillon, MT that said "buy me, I will become an adorable apron".  I listened to the fabric, went back to the motorhome and made the "adorable apron".
Now I have an "apron loving" friend who is coming to Charlotte for the exhibit at the Charlotte History Museum.  Guess we will just have to fit in lunch and shopping while we're at it.

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