February 26, 2011

Snapped back to reality

Yesterday I was chatting with a fellow "winter Arizonan" who is from Alaska.  He stated he was headed back to the 49th state in a few weeks.
As we were talking I was reminiscing about my 3 trips to Alaska with my husband and how much fun it would be to make a 4th trip.
I decided to look at some of our Alaska trip photos and came across this picture and I quickly realized why we are not making a 4th trip. This picture was taken in Tok, AK after miles of dirt, mud and frost heaves.  Believe it or not, this picture does not show how dirty the vehicles really were.

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  1. yep sometimes looking at old photos keeps us from returning to places we should not...nor making contact with people we have left behind...maybe that is why scrapbooking is so popular! lol


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