December 2, 2010

Quilt on the way

Yesterday when I was in Payson, AZ I found the cutest quilt shop called "Quilting Sisters".  I had a project in mind and was looking for at least 27 different fat quarters.  I had no more than walked in the door when a stack of 30 Moda (mostly) fat quarters jumped out at me and said "buy us".  My wonderful husband immediately walked to the cash register and whipped out his credit card - what a dear.  Maybe he wanted to get me out of the store because he was afraid I would talk him into the $11,000.00 sewing/embroidery machine.
"Fandango" is the collection by Kate Spain.  Moda fabrics are my choice of fabrics to work with, their designs and colors seem to match my personality and projects.
If you find yourself in Payson and love fabric I suggest stopping Quilting Sisters.

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  1. Love the color palette and the design elements. Can't wait to see the quilt!!!


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