November 26, 2010

My first quilt

For 15 years I took a hiatus from anything that had to do with fabric or sewing unless I was forced to mend an item. In 2005 I decided I NEEDED an "all in one" sewing machine and in the midst of shopping for one that would meet my price range and the limited storage area in our motorcoach, I realized how much I missed working with fabric. 
I have always loved quilts but for years I thought I needed to be a "purist" and hand piece and hand quilt the entire project.  Luckily I realized I didn't need to be a "purist" and now the projects are all done by my sewing machine.
This is a picture of my first quilt.  I made it for my grandson Spencer.
I have lost count of the number of quilts I have made since.  
The only place large enough to take a picture was the outside of our motorcoach.  I strung a line up between the outside mirrors and hung it - necessity is the mother of invention.


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