September 6, 2010

I will not, I will not

A few weeks ago I purchased the October issue of "Scrap and Stamp" magazine.  When I finally found the time to look at it, to my surprise there was a very intriguing article about stamping and polymer clay.  I decided then and there I was not going to fall into the trap of working with polymer clay since my sister, Laurie, is a world renowned polymer clay artist.
Laurie is featured in the Autumn issue of "Belle Armoire Jewelry" magazine, the name of the article is "Working With Your Leftovers".  Her blog is and her Etsy store is  If you visit these sites you will know why "I will not, I will not".



    But you are so correct...Polymer Clay is VERY ADDICTIVE...and there isn't a 12 step program yet.

    I fell in love with it's potential 9 years ago. I've taken classes all over the world and I'm still in love with it's potential.

    Eileen has always been my cheerleader and my go-to when it comes to an honest opinions. Even this weekend I had to work through the purchase of a new sewing machine and she was right there holding my hand.

    Thank you Eileen


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