July 15, 2010

Another road trip

My husband, Jack and I are off on an adventure tomorrow. We are not use to staying in one place for three months, the wanderlust is taking over.
We are headed first to Black Lake, NM. I have been asked over and over "why Black Lake?". Well, "Lonesome Dove" is one of our favorite made for TV movies, when the cattle drive finally ends up in the beautiful valley in Montana is not Montana, it's really near the Black Lake, NM area.
From there we are traveling the back roads of NM and CO to Bent's Fort National Historic Site. Of course we had to pick a weekend when the temperature is suppose to be 101 degrees, thank goodness for air conditioning.
Then it's off to Denver via more back roads for a couple of days to visit my son.
I'm sure when we arrive back in Chama the cool mountain air will seem like heaven, but that's the saying here in Chama "Where in heaven is Chama".


  1. Stay safe and have a great time

  2. Great descriptions. I almost feel like I am on the trip with you!!!


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