April 26, 2010

Zia Sun Symbol

Spending the summers recently in northern New Mexico has piqued my curiosity about the culture of the state.
The emblem on the state flag is the Zia Sun Symbol, a very simple but very meaningful symbol.
One evening as I took one of these glasses out of the cabinet I took another look at them, it was then that I realized they were "screaming" for a Zia Sun to be etched on them.
I used the New Mexico "flag" option from the Cricut 50 States cart and Armour Etching Cream.


  1. You chose a wonderful design and the glass looks fabulous! Thanks for reminding us to check out the not-so-popular cartridges! :)

  2. I love this glass and will have to try this, my sis had sent me this cartridge she had picked up two for $15 each on clearance. I LOVE all the birds on it and have used them alot. This give me a whole new idea.....thanks for sharing


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