April 15, 2010

No longer a "city girl"?

I have considered myself a "city girl" all my life. Even in my RV travels with my husband, Jack, we have never been too far from a "decent" size city. Three years ago we "found" the town of Chama, NM and moved there for the summers. Chama is 125 miles from a "decent" size city and I've had to learn a new way of shopping.
In 2001 we were in Fairbanks, AK and I noticed how the people who lived in the "bush" stocked up, and I mean stocked up. This year knowing we were coming back to Chama after being "snowbirds" for the winter I remembered those people in Fairbanks and I took a page from their book. As you can see in the picture, our SUV was packed. In fact it was a one person car by the time we arrived in Chama.
Yes, that is a freezer and yes it was loaded with frozen food - that's story by it's self.


  1. When did you live in Square-banks? I was born & raised there!

  2. Kelley-Lou-Who, I only visited "Square-banks". You must have some interesting stories to tell since you were raised there.


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